Samantha Maria

Samantha Maria. This is really one woman who inspired me. She is so talented. Samantha is one of my all time favorite youtubers and she has her own clothing line with her boyfriend Jason. Her videos makes me want to start with youtube. Unfortunately I am too uncomfortable with recording. It would just not work out. I likeher vlogs best. But here comes a fav video from her main channel. Visit her vlog channel HERE & her main channel HERE. I really love the fact that she also blogs. Check out that great shit HERE!!
Just some great tips for christmasgift-shopping which I need.
Pictures: Samantha Maria 

It's in the details

You know what they say 'It's in the details' and I agree. Here you see some fashionistas who also agrees. Want to make an outfit more interesting? Just add some details that make it pop.
Photos: Sofi, Gertrude, Kristin, Frida, Ellen, Hanna, Ida, Lisa & Jules


Pictures that I just love