One material I really like is leather. Fake leather. Never real. It might be more long-lasting but it's not worth it. Ok, back to the subject. Leather is such a great way to make an outfit more interesting. You can might tell that I really like leather skirts (just look at the pictures above). But I wouldn't mind owning a leather dress. Yeah, sounds great.
Photos: Ellen Claesson, Sara Lund, Lowe Olsen, Jules Sarinana & StyleMeFamous

Instagrammer: vendeladan

It's time for a new instagrammer to be in the spotlight. This time a girl called Vendela Dan who just started her own blog. Read it here! But she has been active on Instagram for a while and she is such an inspiration. Just look at these pictures from her instagram. She has an eye for photography and style. Check out her instagram HERE!

Simple harido

Whenever I am about to do something it needs to be simple and quick. Cooking, baking, doing make-up, showering, cleaning and of course doing my hair (this could actually just go on and on but I will put an end to it here)
Pictures: Camilla Pihl, Cathrine Heienberg, Emelie Tømmerberg & Lisa Olsson