Inspo for w.13

Instagram favs

Sooo, some more instagram-inspiration. I love looking for inspiration at instagram and these are my favorite pics right now. I loooove leatherskirts and I love the styling of it above. Then again I fancy lingerie and Felicia's bralette is gorgeous. Red and lace. Lovely! Denim on denim is a great combo. If you don't know what to wear one day, just throw on a pair of jens and a denim-shirt / denim-jacket and you are ready to go!

A good lace

Something I reeeeeeally appreciate in my life is a good lace. Not that cheap kind, you know? I mean just look at these creatures above. It's timeless and I always feel sexy and good when I wear it. Who doesn't love that? I am all about that wearing nice underwear makes you look nicer because you feel nicer. I wear my body a little bit better. 
Pics: Linn, Tumblr & Lisa