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Hello world! Long time no see. Well, what can I say? I have no excuse just that life came in between. It usually does. There has been just too much for me. 
Here are some favs from Nelly.com. I love it all! Thinking about ordering number 2, 4 & 6. 


Coat, earrings, bra, dress, shoes & bag
Look at this drop-dead gorgous outfit. I already own the dress and it's a perfect piece in my wardrobe. So comfy. I would like to own specially the shoes and the bag aswell. The shoes are glittery. Waaah, I love glitter. And the bag.... God damn, god damn, god damn, god damn!!


Shoes // pants // jacket
 I've found soooo many new favs in NA-KD's store. Oh god. Lord have mercy. This autumn will make me poor. If this blog isn't up and running one month from now it's because I coulnd't afford my bills because of all shopping.
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