Lovisa Barkman

Pics: Lovisa (click to go to her blog)
Lovisa is a girl with one of the best blogs ever in my opinion. It's so well-written and the photos are on top. Just everything you want in a blog. I often look through her blog a bit when I need inspiration and I never get disappointed.
Her style is very cute, classy and chic BUT she has lately added some tougher accessories and pieces to her outfits. It all just works so well. You can tell she knows what she is doing.

Victoria Törnegren

You know by now that I love a simple style. Mine is very simple. I like wearing suits, boyfriend jeans, heels, sneakers..all sorts of clothing and accessories. As long as it's simple. Here we have a girl named Victoria (click!) who also loves simplicity when it comes to her style..and photos. It's a winning concept so why change it? Check out her style down below and get inspired.

Freja Wewer

I love this girl's style. So simple and cool. 
Check out her blog HERE!

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