Interview #11 Fashion Blogazine

So this interview-friday did not go as I was expecting it to this week. So, you will get an interview with ME. I don't know if that is exciting or not. I hope it will be. So here we go. 
Tell us something we don't know about you / something odd about you.
I am so scared of clowns and elevators. I have just got my first job. And I am kind of addicted to chapsticks.
How often do you clean your closet?
I can't even remember when I last cleaned it.....that is so bad.
I've been wanting to go to Tulum for quite a while now.
Latest buy?
A pair of shoes..hehe
What will be your next buy?
Probably a knitted sweater for the fall
Shoes or bags?
Definitely shoes. I NEVER buy bags.
Your most memorable moment this summer?
Hmm..I have been working this summer and when I havn't been working I have been just been lazy but I guess the party-night with my friends. They have been so much fun.
One person who always inspire you when you don't know what to wear?
Sara Lund (link). Her outfits are simple, sophisticated, stylish and timeless. Just great!
What is your favorite piece of clothing in the fall?
The leather pants. No doubt. I always dress them down because they drag a lot of attention so every tim I wear leather pants I go for a simple look. Black, white, grey. Maybe a t-shirt, boots and a simple hairdo. I can't handle it when it feels 'too much'.
Best trend right now?
I really love the knee-high boots. I own a pair myself and I will start using them as soon as possible.
What do you wear on a night-out?
Spring and summer: A black dress, a pair of earrings and a necklace, curly hair and a pair of heels. 
 Autumn and winter: Jeans, black top, knee-high boots and jewelry.
I guess the big difference is that I wear more make-up than I do on a regular basis. I often make the lips stand out a bit.
There is it guys. The interview with me. I really hope you liked it. Is there anything else you want to know about me then just leave a comment or send an e-mail. Lots of love