Interview #12 Jessica Garland-Blake

Tell us something we don't know about you?
My Father is a photographer and takes beautiful photographs for postcards and calendars. When I was a small child I was (still am!) quite moody and one day I was with him when he was taking pictures of the Georgian doors around Dublin City, and he got me to stand by one of them. I love that postcard!

Best memory about this Sumer?
So far I have had a great summer, I can not think of the best memory but London in the summer has so much to offer. I love getting up early on a Sunday morning going to Columbia Flower Market, having breakfast in Ace hotel, going to a Lido or outdoor cinema!

Last thing you bought for your closet?
I bought a dress shirt from Topshop. It's striped (love stripes!) Browns and caramel. I bought because I know I can wear it a few different ways.

How would you describe your style?
I like to dress up when going out but for everyday, I'm obsessed with my Neuw jeans and light jerseys. I am really into dress shirts my style icons are Olsen twins and I am aiming to look like Iris Apfel when I hit 90!

Favorite brand?
I love Acne's casual jerseys, I adore Lanvin and own a beetle print clutch by them, I think Alber Elbaz is fantastic! I would love to own some dresses from Dries Van Noten. Some day I would also love a piece from Giambattista Valli!

Craziest item in wardrobe?
Myself and a friend queued from midnight until 9am for the Versace and H&M collaboration. I bought the leggings with the palm print. I wore them once. Actually I must dig them out!

What do you need for autumn?
I want big exhaguratted high neck jumpers. I would love to get my hands on the blue coat with orange pipping from Peter Pilotto. I'll be wearing my YSL pussy bow cream shirt with wool flares.

Where do you want to go on vacation?
I have been interning this summer so I am getting away in September. Myself and my boyfriend are going to Zanzibar. I have never been but it looks stunning. I am very keen to get to Cuba and a few years ago I went to Chile and Peru and I loved it so I hope to get back to South America.

What can we read about on your blog?
I like to write about my favourite places in London, so far I have just wrote about restaurants but I hope to add shops to this. I don't write too much when I do an outfit post as I feel people are so busy and I want to just have some nice images and a few sentences about it.
Favourite city in the world:
Having been living in London the last 5 years, every time I go home to Dublin I appreciate it more. In the last few years Dublin has changed so much, it now has so many amazing restaurants and bars, cool coffee shops and chic boutiques. However, my step mother is from Tokyo and every time we go back, I fall in love with that city more. There is nothing like it. It is always a surprise waking around Tokyo, I have always felt the shopping was amazing, I have never had a bad meal and I think you have to be wiling to get lost and just explore!!
Photos: Jessica Garland-Blake

Interview #11 Fashion Blogazine

So this interview-friday did not go as I was expecting it to this week. So, you will get an interview with ME. I don't know if that is exciting or not. I hope it will be. So here we go. 
Tell us something we don't know about you / something odd about you.
I am so scared of clowns and elevators. I have just got my first job. And I am kind of addicted to chapsticks.
How often do you clean your closet?
I can't even remember when I last cleaned it.....that is so bad.
I've been wanting to go to Tulum for quite a while now.
Latest buy?
A pair of shoes..hehe
What will be your next buy?
Probably a knitted sweater for the fall
Shoes or bags?
Definitely shoes. I NEVER buy bags.
Your most memorable moment this summer?
Hmm..I have been working this summer and when I havn't been working I have been just been lazy but I guess the party-night with my friends. They have been so much fun.
One person who always inspire you when you don't know what to wear?
Sara Lund (link). Her outfits are simple, sophisticated, stylish and timeless. Just great!
What is your favorite piece of clothing in the fall?
The leather pants. No doubt. I always dress them down because they drag a lot of attention so every tim I wear leather pants I go for a simple look. Black, white, grey. Maybe a t-shirt, boots and a simple hairdo. I can't handle it when it feels 'too much'.
Best trend right now?
I really love the knee-high boots. I own a pair myself and I will start using them as soon as possible.
What do you wear on a night-out?
Spring and summer: A black dress, a pair of earrings and a necklace, curly hair and a pair of heels. 
 Autumn and winter: Jeans, black top, knee-high boots and jewelry.
I guess the big difference is that I wear more make-up than I do on a regular basis. I often make the lips stand out a bit.
There is it guys. The interview with me. I really hope you liked it. Is there anything else you want to know about me then just leave a comment or send an e-mail. Lots of love

Interview #10 Marah Parnell

Tell us something we don't know about you / something odd about you.

Something you don’t know about me is that I used to play soccer for many years, and after high school I kinda stopped. I think between school, work, and just life in general I never have the time. But I miss it so much, I would love to start playing again.


Favorite clothing brand?

Easy, Topshop. I'm sure everyone who knows me would agree as well. There's just something so weirdly amazing and fantastic about Topshop that I just can't get enough of.


What do you look forward to this fall?

This Fall, I want to travel more. Just more traveling in general. I'm also saving up to move out, so that could possibly be happening this year, which is perfect timing for my 22 birthday.

What will be your next buy?

Probably more denim. I have a lot of jeans, and I mean a lot, but I need better fitting ones. Since I've been doing a 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge, I've given up shopping for 30 days and I've been focusing on wearing the clothes I already own. Because of that, I've noticed I'm missing a few key staple items and one of them is more denim options.


How would you describe your style?

I would describe it as kinda 90's, with lots more black. Black isn’t my favorite color, its blue, but I love black because it looks great on an body type, but it also has something effortless about it. For a very, very long time, I was told what I could wear and how to look, so I'm spending my 20s finding my true style, but for now I'd definitely say effortlessly 90's.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from YouTubers, Tumblr, and Instagram, as I'm sure all girls do. But at the end of the day, I wear what's comfortable to me on that day. There's some days when I wear and oversized tee, leggings, boots, and an oversized jacket, but there's days where I'm not so modest and I wear a crop top, high-waisted pants, and sandals. I also get inspiration from my friends and people I work with. Whatever they're wearing, I try to wear the complete opposite of that. It's just more fun to look different from everyone else.


The most crazy item in your wardrobe?

I don’t have very many crazy pieces honestly. The one that I do have is this black tutu dress that goes a little lower than my knees. At the time, it was around Halloween (and my birthday) and the owner of Topshop, Sir Phillip Green, was actually coming to Nordstrom to see our department, since we were one of the most profitable Topshop departments in Nordstrom. I wanted to stand out by looking edgy, but showcasing my style, so I bought that dress and wore an army green jacket, and black boots with a beanie. I wore it a few times after but now it kinda sits in the back of my closet. Maybe I'll try to wear it this Fall.


Who would you like to change wardrobe with?

Probably Sammi aka The Beauty Crush on YouTube. She's one of the first people I started watching on YouTube, which was years ago. (This was before it was actually cool to watch fashion videos on YouTube.) I love her style and I feel like she probably has one of the best wardrobes out there.

How often do you clean your closet?

Probably once every season. I have a lot of season specific clothing, so I end up rotating my clothes based on the season.



I've been wanting to go to Paris forever. To shop of course, but to go out of the country too. I've never been outside the U.S. and I feel like there's so much out there I haven’t seen yet.

What would you like to see on Fashion Blogazine in the future?

More and more fashion!


 Photos: Marah Parnell


I said yes to an interview with Marah Parnell (the same girl who has been writing motivation monday here on Fashion Blogazine. Check them out HERE and HERE!) her style is nothing that we have seen here on Fashion Blogazine before. I usually focus more on classy, timeless, non-colored looks, you know black,white and grey ones but Marah's style is much more fun than that. A great girl. 

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