Simple swimsuits

This summer's trendiest trend is the swimsuit. Here are some simple black ones if you think that just wearing a swimsuit is a big step (I do). I think it looks great on other people but I am a girl who likes things to be kind of safe (Zzz...boring I know). But you don't need to wear it on the beach. Wear it with some shorts or a party-skirt as a body. That would be nice.


I really feel like I need to get my nails done. Mine are short, chipped and petit. Blah! The almond-shape has really caught my eyes. It's the perfect rounded but also pointed shape. Yes, I simply need some new claws. 
Photos: Anna, Frida & Lisa

Vacay mode

Sunglasses, Swimsuit, Bikini & Shoes (adlinks)
Photos: Angelica Blick & Sofi Fahrman