Star print

Pics: Me
These are the first pics I've ever posted that are taken by me. I've done quite a lot of shopping lately and these two arrived today. They come in a set of two. A clutch and a small coin purse. It's really cute.
I love star print. Always have always will. Can't wait to wear this with a kick-ass outfit this saturday. Mojitos is on the schedule. If you want one aswell click HERE!'s now on sale!


Hello my beautiful friends! I have been looking at a lot of inspiration tonight and I actually feel inspired. I want to wear nice clothes again. The last couple of months I've been looking like a sloth. Can you say that? As I have been saying it has not been so easy this year and that have been reflecting in my clothing. Which sucks because I always feel better when I wear nice clothes.

Inspo for w.45

Pics: Mathilda, Petra, Lovisa, Rebecca, Janni & Hanna