A new year

 I just wanted to wish you a happy new year!
My 2017 was the worst year of my life. Of course it had it's ups but the downs were THE downs and they were so many. It all started in january and kept on the whole year. Always new stuff to deal with. It just never ended. There are some things I am greatful for. My friends and family who is always there for me. We are there for eachother. And I am also greatful for meeting new people. Some have been better than others.
BUT, it's a new year. Maybe it all will change. I will do my best to make this year the best. 
Happy new year to you all!


I hope you all had a nice christmas. I had! I celebrated with my family and relatives. Of course we all missed grandpa. Of course we all cried. But it was nice to be with everyone and eat christmas food and all that. 

Star print

Pics: Me
These are the first pics I've ever posted that are taken by me. I've done quite a lot of shopping lately and these two arrived today. They come in a set of two. A clutch and a small coin purse. It's really cute.
I love star print. Always have always will. Can't wait to wear this with a kick-ass outfit this saturday. Mojitos is on the schedule. If you want one aswell click HERE! Pssst....it's now on sale!

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