Just checking in

Hello my friends! Just checking in, how are things? I am just sitting naked in my bed with cosy lightning, red wine and love songs. I have been packing for this weekend. Me and some friends are going away to a cabin. So cosy! I have been telling you that my life has been a total mess but right now.... I am happy. It feels good to write that down.
Maybe I will take up on this blog again. As I have said before I like writing. And this blog is mostly making me feel inspired. We will see!

Some things I do to relax

This weekend I'm gonna need some chillout time. Some me-time.
These two last couple of weeks have been very stressful. VERY! I'm going to work the whole weekend but when I'm home I am going to:
- Pamper myself: Take a nice long shower, put a lot of conditioner in my hair and put on a facemask. These three simple things makes me feel nice and relaxed.
- Cook a tasty dinnerI am trying to enjoy cooking food, sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. But it is relaxing and it's always nice to enjoy it when you are finished.
- Do yogaWhat can I say, it is just relaxing! 
- Hang out with the boyI have met this amazing guy that I love spending time with. And hanging out with him makes me calm and relaxed. Kissing and laughing...

Me in a nutshell

I call the local pizzaplace and this is what comes out of my mout:
"Hi I would like to order one Calzone & one pizza"
Silence for like 20 seconds"
"................And one calzone"
"Ok, 15 minutes! Bye"

*Hangs up*
"Nooo why did I order one Calzone? That's not what I want."

This is me making a call. I don't like talking on the phone. At work it's no deal for me, actually I've gotten better at it from talking a lot on the phone on my job but sometimes I just blackout. Haha

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