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Pics: Me
These are the first pics I've ever posted that are taken by me. I've done quite a lot of shopping lately and these two arrived today. They come in a set of two. A clutch and a small coin purse. It's really cute.
I love star print. Always have always will. Can't wait to wear this with a kick-ass outfit this saturday. Mojitos is on the schedule. If you want one aswell click HERE!'s now on sale!


Hello my beautiful friends! I have been looking at a lot of inspiration tonight and I actually feel inspired. I want to wear nice clothes again. The last couple of months I've been looking like a sloth. Can you say that? As I have been saying it has not been so easy this year and that have been reflecting in my clothing. Which sucks because I always feel better when I wear nice clothes.


My style is simple. I like to wear simple clothes in black, grey, white and beige. Sometimes add a splash of color at special occasions. When it comes to jewelry I always want it to be simple but significant. I have just bought a few ones of nice quality rings to wear everyday. They always sit on my fingers. Some thin simple rings but they are pretty as hell and goes with everything.
Speaking of small jewelry Molly Rustas has just (yesterday) released a new collection with Safira. The stuff is so incredible. I can't even. Click HERE to check it out. 
If you are interested in which ones that are my favs check these out: Necklace  // Ring

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