To be honest I don't really like spending money on shoes. They just get dirty so fast. Of course I love shoes. It's a great way to make you outfit look more personal and there are so many great shoes out there. But yeah, as I said I don't think it's the nicest thing to spend money on. I am more of a bag-person. They don't get dirty as fast. Above I've collected some pictures of some really nice shoes.

Shoes, shoes, shoes,

 In my friday-interview I sometimes ask if the person love bags or shoes more. I am a shoe-lover. I don't think it's fun to buy bags but shoes...oh damn! Shoes can take one outfit to a whole new level. I like to wear outfits without much color but on the shoes. Like a black top and skirt with some blue heels. I can go a little crazy with shoes. BUT of course I love my simple, classy, black ones aswell. 
What do you prefer? Bags or shoes?
Photos: Chrystelle, Lisa, Victoria, Janni & Felicia

NLY shoes

1. HERE 2. HERE 3. HERE 4. HERE 5. HERE 6. HERE 7. HERE 8. HERE 9. HERE (adlinks)
 Hello guys! I just checked out Nellys webshop. I was looking for shoes... of course! I found some pretty nice ones from NLY SHOES. I think I will buy number 7. Just love it! Which one is your favorite?

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