Vega Cap

Pics: Linn & Kenza
This Vega Cap has become trendy again. Some people hate it and the other ones love it. What do you guys think? I actually like this one. I can't see myself wearing it. I'm not that into wearing hats and stuff but it looks very good on others. I love how it looks with wavy hair. If you want a really pretty one check out this one: CLICK!

Fluffy jacket

So, right now my eyes have opened up for this kind of jacket. It looks so cosy but it's also pretty. What do you guys think? A hit or not?
You can buy it HERE or much cheaper HERE!
Photos: Beatrice, Lovisa, Kenza, Mires


One material I really like is leather. Fake leather. Never real. It might be more long-lasting but it's not worth it. Ok, back to the subject. Leather is such a great way to make an outfit more interesting. You can might tell that I really like leather skirts (just look at the pictures above). But I wouldn't mind owning a leather dress. Yeah, sounds great.
Photos: Ellen Claesson, Sara Lund, Lowe Olsen, Jules Sarinana & StyleMeFamous

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