No vacation for me

Who doesn't love vacation-pictures? I know I do and I really hope you do aswell. Otherwise you will not like this blog, hehe. I have collected my favorites again. Unfortunately I am not going on vacation this year. Sweden is my place this summer. Just gonna work, work and work. Of course drink wine with my friends aswell but there is a lot of work going on. Well, it's just nice to look at these photos for a while.
Photos: Joanna, Lisa, Victoria, Hanna, Hannah & Janni

Interview #6 Nathalie Liborius

I think this girl has a cool and personal style, that's why I wanted to do an interview with Nathalie. Her style is so unlike my own but that is what I like. It's just lovely to look at and get inspired by. She was one of the finalists in Modettes competition It Girl and she came a long way. But now she blogs at Devote. Go check out her blog!
Photos: Nathalie Liborius (New blog and old blog)


Lisa Olsson is a great fashion icon right now. Her style is quite simple but her outfits but the details makes it much more special. She adds a lot of jewelry and pattern. AND some colors. How rare is that to see nowadays? I think it's nice that someone dares to go outside the frames a bit. Down below you see some inspiration from Lisa. Enjoy!
Photos: Lisa Olsson