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Pics that I just love

Photos: Natasha, Tumblr, Petra, Molly, Josefine, Lisa, Lovisa, Lucy, Hanna & Matilda


Pics: Petra, Lovisa, Victoria, Lisa & Moa
This is what I call my style. I love blazers, simple dresses, suit pants and you name it. Just the classy, simple look. 


Just hello Kate!

Elle Macpherson

Bra || Panties
I love it when it's simple and classy. Sexy lingerie makes me feel sophisticated and self-confident. This set from Elle MacPherson is the perfect one. I alwyas wear soft-bras. And the lace is so gorgeous.

yum yum

Pics: Molly, Lisa, Victoria, Janni, Kenza

Pics that I just love

Inspo for w.20

Pics: Tumblr, Kristin, Gertrude, Alice, Victoria & Josefine


I really need some inspiration right now. Just because life sucks you don't have to wear clothes without character, RIGHT? I want to buy pretty lacey underwear. Just look at that Angelica Blick is wearing. Omg! I've also started liking hats AND off-shoulder which I havn't liked. Val Mercado have changed my mind. This combo is to die for.


Black II Red II Pink
Hello world! Long time no see. Well, what can I say? I have no excuse just that life came in between. It usually does. There has been just too much for me. 
Here are some favs from I love it all! Thinking about ordering number 2, 4 & 6. 

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Be you

Pic: Chrystelle

Inspo for w.11

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Pics that I just love


Josefine HJ

This girls style is beyond this planet. And her photos are so gorgeous. I feltl like I needed some inspiration and now I've really got some thanks to this girl.


Pics: Molly, Lovisa, Angelica, Eirin, Janni & Kenza



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Les fleurs

Pics: Eirin & Molly
This weekend I want to buy myself some flowers. What better way to celebrate the weekend? 


Pics: Hanna, Molly, Kenza & Janni