Elin Kling has been my inspiration for as long as I remember and still is. It's like we went through our different styles together..but apart haha. She always looks great. So stylish and so simple. 

Fluffy jacket

So, right now my eyes have opened up for this kind of jacket. It looks so cosy but it's also pretty. What do you guys think? A hit or not?
You can buy it HERE or much cheaper HERE!
Photos: Beatrice, Lovisa, Kenza, Mires

Nelly wanties

Keychain, dress, jumpsuit, iphone case, body, body mist, hat, lipstick, sweater & boots
I was looking through Nelly.com and I saw some things that I like. Which is rarely this time of year just after christmas and the sale is starting to end and all there is left is the stuff that no one wants. I want spring news and here we have some. How lovely?