The Bahamas

YES. How amazing wouldn't a trip to The Bahamas be? That's where this photo is taken. I need some sun and a beach right now. Don't feel like a human. I'm like a robot this time of the year. I eat, sleep, work and blog. I mean, how much fun is it to walk in a snow-storm?
Photo: Angelica Blick

Falling inlove with Paris

Someone else who really wants to visit Paris? Let's move there! How amazing would it be to wake up to this atmosphere? So beautiful, sophisticated and sensual. I wan to stroll on the streets of Paris whenever I want and when my legs are tired I will sit down at a restaurant and order a glass of wine. Just look at people, listen to french and enjow life. There is just something special about Paris. À tout à l'heur!
Photos: Alice, Hanna, Kenza & Lisa


If I just lived New York. The big apple. Mom, why wasn't I born in America? Well New Yorkers listen up, I am going to visit you. Trust me. I need to feel the pulse of the this city. Just look at the pictures below. 

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