Blogger: Beatrice Forsell

So one girl I check out sometimes for inspriation is the swedish girl Beatrice Forsell. Her style does not suit my style really but the pictures are amazing and she dresses really nice. It's really high quality on her blog which is so important. Check out her blog HERE or click on the pictures!
Photos: Beatrice Forsell

Fashion week

Hello friends! I don't really like fashion week. It doesn't really inspire me so I've been questioning myself if I would do this post or not. But it's a part of fashion-Sweden and maybe you get inspired. 
Photos: Janni Delér, Sofi Fahrman, Gertrude Tornvall, Angelica Blick, Frida Fahrman, Linn Eklund, Josefin Dahlberg, Sania Claus Demina & Elin Skoglund

Bloggers @ Fashion week

Demi Vincefi, Nicole Falciani & Chloé Schuterman
Gertrude Tornvall
Elin Skoglund
Victoria Törnegren
Josefin Dahlberg & Salem Indrias
Janni Delér
Joanna Fingal
Kenza Zouiten
Jennifer Sandsjö & Josefin Dahlberg
Kenza Zouiten
Petra Tungården
Linn Eklund
Lisa Olsson
Sania Claus Demina
Hi! Fashion Week just ended and I havn't blogged anything about it. Well, now I have. Above you see what some bloggers wore during the Fashion Week. So much inspiration here! 
Photos: Janni Delér, Lisa Olsson, Victoria Törnegren, Gertrude TornvallJoanna Fingal, Elin Skoglund, Chloé Schuterman, Sania Claus Demina & Angelica Blick