I've found a new favorite blog called Mikuta (CLICK!). The girl behind the blog is called Jacqueline Mikuta and she is from Sweden, just like me hihi. But we also see a lot of menswear in this blog now since Klemens (Jacqelines boyfriend) is also involved in the blog now. I LOVE IT! The photos are so amazing and well-done. I rarely read any text in blogs so I can't say anything about that but you guys, you need to check it out!

Blogger: Beatrice Forsell

So one girl I check out sometimes for inspriation is the swedish girl Beatrice Forsell. Her style does not suit my style really but the pictures are amazing and she dresses really nice. It's really high quality on her blog which is so important. Check out her blog HERE or click on the pictures!
Photos: Beatrice Forsell