Pics that I lööööööööv

Just some pictures I've found recently on the internet and love. These kind of pictures really inspires me. Where there is some fashion but also some everyday-random stuff and some luxury. It just inspires me to wanna dress nice ofc but also cherish the regular things in life like my job, you guys, family, flirting, good food and so on. Also the extravagant and more special moments like when you drink champagne, get your hair done, are sitting under a huge chandelier and so on. Just life.


I've found a new favorite blog called Mikuta (CLICK!). The girl behind the blog is called Jacqueline Mikuta and she is from Sweden, just like me hihi. But we also see a lot of menswear in this blog now since Klemens (Jacqelines boyfriend) is also involved in the blog now. I LOVE IT! The photos are so amazing and well-done. I rarely read any text in blogs so I can't say anything about that but you guys, you need to check it out!


Some nice details-photos. There is a lot of my own style in these posts. Simplicity, elegant, not that much bold colors, classy and comfy. I love denim and a pair of really nice shoes. Specially a pair of gorgeous heels.