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We Wore What

 This blog is for you to get inspired by and I hope I achieve my goal. I don't know. Someone who inspires me is Danielle aka. WeWoreWhat. It's not really my style but I get inspired and put the inspiration in small details in my style. Like, those photos makes me want to wear stars (maybe on a blouse), flower print (maybe on my cellphone-case) and a bit of color (maybe on a pair of shoes).

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Lovely that the weekend is finally here. I am working the whole weekend though. Hoping you will have nice one. 




Hello my friends! 
I guess you already noticed that my heart and mind is somewhere else rather in this blog. It's just hard trying to balance everything. I am working (my butt off but I love my work) and it's a very social job which makes me want to be kind of alone when I come home. And then I have to balance that with my friends, guess if that is hard! I am also trying to find another place to live and getting over a boy. A boy I really had feelings for. 
Balance. I am trying to not hit that famous wall. But I also want to live. And I love this blog. I hate that it hasn't been a priority but at the same time..I have to put myself and my well-being as priority #1. That is understandable, right? 


Coat, earrings, bra, dress, shoes & bag
Look at this drop-dead gorgous outfit. I already own the dress and it's a perfect piece in my wardrobe. So comfy. I would like to own specially the shoes and the bag aswell. The shoes are glittery. Waaah, I love glitter. And the bag.... God damn, god damn, god damn, god damn!!

Instagram x 8


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pics that I love

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From instagram

Some instagram-inspo. I love all inspiration I get from instagram. Do you guys like these sort of posts?

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Hi friends! It's friday already. Yey! Too bad for me I'm working this weekend. BUT hey, nothing can stop me from partying with my friends so that's what I'm doing tonight. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.


Sometimes life is not a dance on roses. This is what makes you human, right? This is what makes What do you do when you can not think about that one person but you can not talk to him either. Life.
Now I've learned the real meaning of "The hardest goodbyes are the ones that are not explained." Oh dear, I'm hurt.

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Shoes // pants // jacket
 I've found soooo many new favs in NA-KD's store. Oh god. Lord have mercy. This autumn will make me poor. If this blog isn't up and running one month from now it's because I coulnd't afford my bills because of all shopping.
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Next week we will start with fall-inspo, how does that sound?