Kate Moss

Yes. Slay.

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Oooooh, let's have a party

Hello saturday, I love you! Tonight there will be some partying. I am excited. I want to sparkle.

Food feed

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Aaaaah, everything looks so good. Tonight me and my friends will eat a delicious dinner tonight. I can't wait!

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Pink Pink & Rock'n Roll

Sunday mood

Waking up not hangover is so worth. Sundays are for great food, nice company and chilling.

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Hi guys! Are you going out this weekend? If so, here you go! A lot of inspiration. I would go for a full length jumosuit, glitter and messy hair. Gorgeous! I'm just staying in. Too much to drink last weekend. 





Oh dear. There's soooo much snow here in Sweden because of this I need a lot of inspiration. How easy is itto get dressed when there is 2 m snow outside? Not that easy.



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pics that I just love

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OMG, finally weekend! I am working today but in a couple of hours I can scream WEEKEND! Are you guys doing something fun? Maybe tonight or tomorrow. Tonight I am just going to have a cosy night in with my mother. Catch up on my sleep. If you are doing something fun, please take some inspiration from above. 

Pics that I just love

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