I'm sitting here getting all hungry, haha! Time for lunch in a bit. It's such a grey day today. It's raining and just dull. I have lit some candles in the middle of the day. That is not happening often. One thing that is lighting up this day a bit is food. Haha! Do you feel the same on boring days? 
Today is a day where I have a lot of boring stuff on my to-do list. Cleaning, do the dishes, go with stuff to the basement, throw the trashes and mostly importand take a shower. It's a day when I need to scrub my entire body, use a hair mask, face mask and smear body lotion on my whole body. Like a little home spa. 
I have to be better to take care of myself. Are you like that too? I suck at it...
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2017-10-17 @ 21:51:03

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