Bra // panties
Oh, my love for pretty lingerie is endless. I just found this pretty set from Eberjey. Soooo pretty. I love lacey underwear. Do not wear pretty lingerie for someone else. Do it for yourself. Do not think that it doesn't matter because no one will see them anyway. They do matter. They effect the way you feel and move. 
Great underwear can make a change!


Shirt // pants
Good evening! Speaking of evening, this is how I want to say welcome to the fall and all cosy nights. In a pajamas set in silk with lace details. Oh, how pretty? 

summer outfit

Shoes, dress, bracelet, bag, sunglasses & earrings
Even though I've already had my vacation I'm still on vacay-mode. Here is one look I would want to wear on a summer evening. Those Gucci-shoes are just to die for. 

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