I've said this so many times before but I love autumn. The best part is watching series with a big cup of chailatte. So I thought I would list my fav shows at the moment. I always watch many at the same time. 
♥ Narcos - So intense and thrilling. Also very interesting. 
♥ Friends - The best tv-show I know. So funny and I've watched it so many times for so many years. A feel-good tv--show!
♥ Outlander - OMFG! I did not think I would like this but holy moly, it's so freaking good! 
♥ Full House - A classic! I have watched it since I was a little kid and I still do. Tis one is so funny I just love it.
♥ Criminal Minds - Love. Love. Love. It's been a favorite since.....forever. You need to watch it!

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