I loooooove details. My favs are my daily rings and bags with crossbody bags with a chunky chain. In the autumn I put some extra effort in the details. Simpy cause I often wear a big coat so you don't see a lot of the clothes under. A cute bag, extra jewelry and nice boots. For the cold days I wear a nice big cosy scarf and my new pink beanie. Love autumn-fashion!
Postat av: Lars Gustafsson

Du är så good på alla fashion picture

2017-09-23 @ 13:10:20
Postat av: Sandra Rosén Dahlgren

That´s alot of good looking stuff :)! I love details to, that´s what makes the outfit! :)

Svar: Right! So inspiring :D
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2017-09-23 @ 20:30:58

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