I read this post on Frida's blog and I thought it was a cute idea. September is almost over time to sum it up. Hope you enjoy it!
What is your thoughts about this month?
It has been an intense month. I've been kind of sad, which sucks but I guess we all have our times in life when you're just feeling down. Not a good month. A lot of pressure and stress. No relaxing. I will do my best to make October a better month!
What does today's plans look like?
Work. Zzz...  But first do the dishes and toss the trashes. Fancy life.
What did you do this day one year ago?
Exactly one year ago, on this very day I was working. At the exact same place as I do today. What an exciting answer. Hehe...
What are your plans in one week?
Well, this upcoming weekend I hope to do something fun with my friends and on monday which is in exactly one week I am working. Feels like I have the same answer to every question. Maybe not that funny to read. 
This months..
song: It's all coming back to me. My all time favorite song. Freaking love it.
blog: Molly Rustas. I love her pictures.
My coats! I don't feel good in any of my clothes right now but I always feel pretty in my coats.
hairdo: Half-up and big curls. The bangs hang loose in the front. I love it.
night-out: I havn't been out that much this month. So I guess I would say the last time I went out. Me and my friend had a blast. It was one week ago.
tv-show: Narcos. I just discovered this show and WOW. It's amazing! So interesting.
buy: My beige coat. No doubt.
food: My aptite is not really there. So smoothies are my lifesaver. 
Do you have any exciting projects coming up this month?
Nothing big. I'm going to continue with this blog and just try to deliver to you guys. I need to just focus on my well being. That is my project.
What do you long for?
A cosy day with my two best friends. A whole day being spent with them. Eating, talking and laughing together and then we spend the evening togeter aswell. Watching a movie and eating snacks. We have booked a day like this tomorrow and I can't wait. I'm longing for my besties.
What would you rather not do?
I would rather not go to work today. I just don't feel like it. Tomorrow I have a day off and that makes it all a little bit better.
Now that I'm reading this through I realise this post is a bit negative. It is what it is I guess. I really want to wish you all an amazing week. Let's make this week a good one.

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